Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forbidden Zone (1980)

This movie is like no other. The only way I could describe it would be to mix the best of Monty Python with a touch of Betty Boop, add some Alice in Wonderland strangeness, then sprinkle with LSD. Everyone I’ve shown it to are blown away by the craziness. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on this one!



  1. Sequel is on it's way. Want a sneak peek? Watch episode two of SyFy channels show Monster Man.

  2. For real? What's it called?

    If so, I'm definitely gonna try to get an interview with them.

  3. Forbidden Zone 2 I would believe. It's the Elfman's again. Another family affair.

  4. This is awesome news. Altough I must admit the teaser they put out wasn't very appealing.

    BTW, I bought the new colorized version a while ago, but it actually looks better in B&W.

  5. Yeah I haven't bothered with the colorized version. I love it in all it's black and white glory. :)