Monday, March 1, 2010

Barfly (1987)

Written by the great Charles Bukowski, and starring Mickey Rourke at the height of his glory days, this is a perfectly cut diamond of a movie.

In short: It's about drinking. Hardcore drinking. You know those guys you saw earlier today, sitting on a bench in ragged clothes and sharing a foul smelling bottle? They are in this movie. As is that wretched hag of a woman who always comes up to you when she sees you pull up your wallet by the bar. And that loud mouth know-it-all who always wants to tell you about his troubles and start fights, he's in there too. And it could not be more wonderful.

But not only is this a beautiful story with some amazing and genuine characters; it's also hilarious! This film will have you laughing from the welfare office, all the way to the darkest, dirtiest, and cheapest hole-in-the-wall bar.

If you like alcohol, you'll love Barfly. The two can also be mixed for great results.


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