Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kin-Dza-Dza (1986)

Since the essence of science fiction is exactly the science, it adds yet another element to the list of things that can go wrong in the making of a film. And so, sci-fi might very well be the genre with fewest hits, and most misses. Too often have we seen sci-fi movies where the science is just an excuse to show off big explosions, or films where the future setting is nothing but a backdrop and of no real importance to the plot. Other times tight budget constraints stops us from seeing much of the world where the story takes place, and the illusion of being in another world falls flat.

Not so with Kin Dza Dza.

Not only does it take you on a wonderfully weird ride through a different and fascinating world, but it is also packed full of humor and social commentary which will have you repeating catchphrases to your friends for years. The visual nod to Salvador Dali alone is reason to watch this beautiful film. As far as sci-fi goes, I rank it right up there with the mighty Blade Runner itself. This is your wet sci-fi dream-film come true.

WARNING: Kin-Dza-Dza does NOT contain ANY sexy women in minimal clothing, muscular men who have forgotten how to get back to the gym, chases with cars or any other vehicles, nor big explosions where people scream and fly in slow motion away from the blast.


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