Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

This film is in black and white. It is without sound. It is without a traditional sense of story.

And it might be the most amazing thing you will ever see.

Following the rise and shine of a whole city, it tells the story of birth, death, and everything in between. As the image unfolds you might get the idea that even though the people in this film are long dead, buried and forgotten and almost a hundred years has passed, not much has changed...

Man with a Movie Camera introduced what is considered modern editing to the world. What does that mean? Well, any film you see today, ANY film, is the way it is, partially thanks to this cult film extraordinaire.

As it was made in a time when film music consisted of a drunk guy playing a piano on the front row, a whole bunch of modern musicians have taken it upon themselves to compose new soundtracks. Of the 4 different ones I have heard, the best one is the one included here, by Cinematic Orchestra.

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