Thursday, March 11, 2010

The New Tenants (2009)

Of all the films which were awarded and nominated for an 2010 Oscar, none were more deserving than this.

The plot is very very simple: Two guys moves into a new apartment and get to know their neighbors. And that's all that's going on.

Yet clever writing, great acting and beautiful shots turn the movie into a 20 minute journey of pure enjoyment. The rather dark humor wont give you belly laughs, but will draw an evil grin upon your lips. If you are angry Avatar didn't win the award for best film this year, you probably wont understand why The New Tenants won the award for best short. But if you thought No Country for Old Men was right to win last year, you'll certainly appreciate this as well.



  1. Are you one of the people that prefers No Country For Old Men above There Will Be Blood?? Tsk tsk....

  2. Of course.

    "There will be blood"?

    But there was none! Where's all the blood? You promised me blood!

    I want my money back... =(