Saturday, April 17, 2010

Suicide Club (2001)

Suicide Club starts with 50 school girls jumping in front of a train. There is so much blood that the train is unable to stop. Body parts fly all over the screen. Then it gets worse.

Many films claim the title of "the best movie ending ever," but when it comes to jaw dropping beginnings, this little cult film is pretty hard to beat.

And, as unbelievable as it probably sounds, it is also somehow a deep and meaningful film. Although the film is literary littered with suicides, that is still not what it is actually about. The suicides are more of a tool to express dismay of modern society. It's really about technology, alienation and pop culture. A lot about pop culture. But you will need a whole stack of clean towels to wipe the blood splatter of your face, to see that.

Because Suicide Club doesn't give you any answers. Just like cult classic Donnie Darko, it is pretty much impossible to understand what it was all about after your first viewing. Still, or maybe because of that, it is a haunting experience that you will not be able to put out of your mind for quite a time. I still think about it, and it's almost 10 years since I first saw it.


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