Friday, August 13, 2010

Dead Ringers (1988)

This is a movie about a pair of gynecologist Twins, who's minds are connected, and the woman who comes between them. It's also about the beauty of internal organs, and the seductiveness of being able to subscribe your own drugs.

Yep, it's another weird one.

Aside from an amazing script, excellent direction and a good score, a big part of what makes Dead Ringers great is the fact that Jeremy Irons plays both twins. Battling himself both literally and metaphorically, he delivers such good performances, you feel that you know both twins personally. It doesn't take long before you recognize immediately which of the twins is which, before ether one has said a thing, even though both are played by the same actor.

Oh, and you'll have a hard time believing this when you've seen the movie, but it's actually based on an actual event.

Thanks to Donkey Kong over at Plasma Pool (THE site for all your Cronenberg information needs) for creating this cool cover for the movie.


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