Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Bruges (2008)

In Bruges was not directed by Guy Ritchie, but it could have been. Maybe a really stoned and giggly Guy Ritchie, but nevertheless. The quirky mafia characters, the swift plot twists, the over-stylized action sequences and the downplayed humor, it's all there.

In Bruges is a "morning after" film. Like what would happen after a mad romp like Snatch. or Lock Stock... It wouldn't be so fun cleaning up after all that shit. You'd be better running away and let someone else take care of it all. Go somewhere nice and quiet. Somewhere like Bruges.

Oh, and there's a midget. And not just any midget either. Jordan Prentice from Weirdsville, again shows that he's not somebody to be overlooked. "Little Person" is in now way the right expression to describe this man. He's a giant in disguise.


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