Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

You probably seen this already, haven't you? Still, you'll probably want to watch it again.

It's the ultimate sequel!

Seriously. Google "best sequels" and see for yourself. You don't even need to bother with the original. Mad Max 2 is so good, most people think it's the first film in the series.

The film is one big bang, exploding in your face. A crazed Norwegian even sued Norwegian channel TV2 for airing it, back in the 90s, calling it an "orgy of violence from beginning to end." Though that claim was obviously nothing but ramblings from a religious fanatic, it does deliver its dues.

There's blood, sex, torture, mindless violence and lose limbs chopped off by a boomerang in a post-apocalyptic desert full of high-octane vehicles. Yeah, baby!

The only thing not perfect is the soundtrack, which is a bit too messy, even for my taste. But hey, it's a pretty messy movie too, so I guess it's appropriate.

They made a third film as well, which was rather forgettable, but you'll definitely be begging to see more of the same, so I know I can't stop you. Now they're trying to milk the cow even more by making a 4th one

So better watch it now, to know what all the fuzz is about. Then you'll have the chance to quote Quality Cult Cinema from way back when ;)


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