Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tillsammans (2000)

Everybody that was born in the 80s will at some point in their lives say that they wish they had experienced the hippy times of the 60s and 70s.

Just to be able to listen to the music live, smoking all kinds of things and hanging out together with friends. Maybe going on a road trip in a flower-painted van, or living in a big house together with all kinds of tree-hugging happy people.

But the past always seems better than the present, especially if you didn't actually experience it for yourself, and Tilsammans shows what it might have been like, when there was no music, no funny things to smoke, and nowhere to go on a road trip. The just lived together.

Swedish director Lukas Moodysson has become somewhat of a cult phenomenon of his own, with classics like Fucking Åmål, Lilja 4-ever and the rather rare gem that is Bara Prata Lita. And even though Tilsammans is probably his most straightforward feel-good feature, he delivers a package that makes similar attempts from Hollywood fade away into the memory hole.

Personally I can't stand feel-good films, but this one I've seen at least five times.


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