Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Dinner Game (1998)

Why, oh why Hollywood? What is it you think you can improve upon, by remaking this?

The Dinner Game is perfect, just the way it is.

The writing is really clever, the characters are marvelously delivered with flawless attention to timing by amazing actors, making it an incredibly funny film.

It's a very simple movie, with basically only one location, and it's easy to see that it was adapted from a stage play. The director could have added plenty of new locations and actors for the film, but he chose not to.

Why? Because nothing he could add, would make it funnier.

You gotta know when to quit.

Pay attention now, Hollywood:

Let's say you have a car with three old and flat tires, and one new, whole, fully functional tire filled with air. Which tire would you change? The old ones, yes?

So why, oh why Hollywood? Why do you keep on changing the single operational tire, over and over again? That's how much sense there is in remaking films that are perfect! And not only that, you even keep on changing fine, air-filled tires on cars that aren't even yours!
If changing tires really is your thing (instead of actually driving) then at least stick to your own garage.

In other words: If you have to do remakes, why not try to fix up some Hollywood films that are terrible, instead of ruining one timeless classic after the other..

Start with Birth of a Nation, and go from there...


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