Monday, October 18, 2010

Ichi the Killer (2001)

Blood, sex, guts, sex, and tons of more blood, and more sex.

That sums the superficial level of this film up pretty well.

Beneath the bloody surface however, there hides a pretty grim philosophy. Something about our sadistic lust for the grotesque, our love of pain, and the unspoken pleasure of hurting others.

It probably sounds pretty ludicrous to most "normal" people, but still... you'll find it difficult to dismiss this as just another gore filled splat-fest.

There is a point to it all.

I hope.

Think of it as the crueler big brother to Secretary.

Just don't expect to understand much on first viewing. After all, Ichi the Killer was directed by legendary Japanese loon Takashi Miike.

And make sure to get the ultimate uncut edition, which is some 30 minutes longer than the "international" edition.


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