Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wild in the Streets (1968)

What could be considered a hilarious update of extreme cult incident Reefer Madness, has the wonderfully misleading title Wild in the Streets. In fact there's very little wildness in any street throughout the film, if any at all.

It's simply about children taking over the world, by the use of drugs, sex and campy sing-a-longs, in the best of anti-propaganda fashion.

The film makers wanted to warn the world about the dangers of... well, basically "young people these days". And they were so afraid of children themselves, they had all the "child" characters played by actors well in their 30s.

Still, its by no means a bad movie. However, contrary to the usual criteria where I judge movies by whether or not they are successful in what the film makers tried to achieve, this is a film that is good because it ended up as the absolute opposite of their intentions.


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