Saturday, November 6, 2010

Death Wish (1974)

The great thing about Charles Bronson is that he doesn't look very peculiar. He's not handsome, but not ugly either. Neither old nor young, rich, nor poor. Just your everyday average Joe walking past you on the street, standing behind you in line at the bank or sitting next to you on the train.

You've met him a thousand times before, but you've never noticed him.

Until you one day find yourself in a desperate situation. One of those times of urban violence that makes every innocent by-passer freeze. People stand around and watch the blind brutalities that plays out before them, but nobody moves or speaks out.

Except one man. The last person you'd ever had thought had it in him, suddenly breaks the trance and brings his own hard justice.

You'll never forget his face after that. You'll sleep better knowing there is someone out there who has more guts than you. Someone who don't take shit from nobody. Someone you just don't mess with.

Not unless you have a death wish.


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