Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Man From Earth (2007)

There's just one set in The Man From Earth: an old cabin. But it's not a scary "out in the woods" horror movie, so that doesn't really help the film. The actors are pretty much half-decent, but no one really stands out. Not even Tony Todd! The cinematography is nothing special, and these things all point toward the overall directing being far below mentionable.

There's almost nothing remarkable about Man from Earth at all.

Except a brilliant script.

All the film fiends out there who's fed up with Hollywood spending insane amounts on special effects, well known actors, amazing sets, etc, while seemingly not caring one bit about the actual script: This is what you want! It's the total opposite of any recent blockbuster.

This is all about the idea.

Of course the film went by pretty much unnoticed and made just about nill at the box office. But then, somebody put the film online for illegal downloading. Somebody else downloaded it, liked it and told more people to check it out. The rumor spread and soon there was a flood of people who wanted to buy the DVD after having seen or heard about it from "internet pirates".

When the film-makers discovered the source of the sudden renewed interest in their film, they sent a letter to the pirates, thanking them for making their movie available to the masses.

This all shows how the RIAA and MPA's claims that they are loosing billions because of file sharing is utter bullshit, and they should in fact be arrested themselves for the suffering they have brought upon the masses with their insane witch hunts.

The Man from Earth showed they way. I only hope more will follow in his footsteps.


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