Monday, December 20, 2010

Paris, je t'aime (2006)

This is any movie buff's wet dream.

Gus Van Sant, Tom Tykwer, Vincenzo Natali, GĂ©rard Depardieu, Wes Craven, The Coen Brothers, Sylvain Chomet, and a handful of other directors all got together and were told to make their own short movie.

They only had two restrictions:
1. It had to be a love story
2. And had to be set in Paris

The result is a magnificent mush of wonderful films, that brush shoulders as one captivating soul gives room for the next one to bloom, in the metropolitan canvas of Paris.

While some stories are better than others, the general standard is still at such a high level, it will make most other films blush.

A good film to watch alone, but a perfect film to watch with someone special.



  1. Lovely film! great date-flick indeed.

    Also good to see some mushy movies on here in contrast to some of the stuff that makes me unable to sleep ;)

  2. Hehe, we're turning into old saps, aren't we?

    Thanks for commenting. =)