Friday, December 10, 2010

The Stuff (1985)

So you loved both Blob movies, and are looking for more of the same stuff? Well here it is!

The Stuff! (which is basically the same stuff as The Blob, but comes in different colors.)

With a title like "The Stuff" you know you shouldn't be expecting much in the form of a story, but still, you won't be bored for a second. The Stuff won't let you.

The film is stuffed with faces you've seen before in all kinds of weird-ass 80s movies, but don't remember the names of. Most importantly though, it was written and directed by Larry Cohen, and as always, his name on the poster is a sure sign of atmospheric grittiness, wonderful pacing and pure entertainment.

This is another beer drinking movie, but I would also recommend you make some popcorn before pushing play, so that you have something to stuff that big mouth with, while you're watching this stuff.



  1. They Really, Really should make over Billions of more special makeup effects weird cheesy, horror flicks like this one.

  2. I really do hope that they will make Seven Sequels of this horror film 'The Stuff.' For the sequels they have them way not only the toxic deserts controls humans and galores out of their bodies but their bodies will even mutate into twice as more flesh galoring, giant cream monsters.

  3. Love to see Thousands of more new Human Bodies Galore, Mutant Upcoming Movies with more than plenty makeup air-bladders fx.

  4. Hehe, great idea. If you like this, then you should also check out Body Melt, Street Trash, both Blob movies, and pretty much everything Larry Cohen has made.

  5. I'm serious, they really ought to make thousands times more than plenty of new weird body mutation films.