Saturday, December 4, 2010

Takedown (2000)

If you exchange the counterfitting of money in Catch me if you Can, with hacking, you're pretty much got the sum of Takedown.

Takedown is also a great film based on a true story, about infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick who was convicted to five years in prison in the late 90s, for "being able to start a nuclear war by whistling into a pay phone".

Apparently there seems to be much criticism of the film from the hardcore hacking community, who claim the film is overly biased in authority's favor and stuffed with erroneous information

Even though much of these claims have been proved to be true, the makers of Takedown were obviously not trying to make a 100% realistic portrayal of true events, but rather an interesting movie at the top of their capabilities.

In this respect, they were more than successful.

Takedown was wrongfully marketed as Hackers 2 when it came out, to cash in on the sorry excuse of a film that is Hackers. Rest assure that other than dealing with the subject of hacking, the two films are not at all similar.


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