Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cashback (2004)

Tits, ass, boobs..

eh, sorry.

Cashback is a very well made film about tits, or working at a grocery store, or freezing time. It is very well shot, acted and written, but the fact of the matter is that it features so much splendid nudity, that the first thing that springs to mind is not exactly the camera lenses. There so many tits in the short film, that some ignorant feminists even call it porn. However, whether you're a man or woman, you'll have a difficult time denying that the it does look astounding.

It even received an Oscar nomination for best short, and won a bunch of other awards, testamentary its greatness. This also enabled director Sean Ellis to extend the idea into a full feature.

Now, the feature is basically just an expanded version, and contains just about the whole short film within its playtime. There's a bunch of new scenes, some of which are very nice and some which are rather unnecessary, but although the longer version is also an enjoyable experience, it loses the snappiness of the short film.



  1. direct download for the feature seems to be broken.

  2. Sorry about the delay, but I just checked, and they're both working now. =)