Monday, October 17, 2011

Death Race 2000 (1975)

Back in 1975, people had some interesting visions of the future. They thought that cities would consist of colorful buildings with circular design. They thought people would wear either cowboy outfits or full-on S&M suits. And the most popular sport would be running over pedestrians in cars with teeth.

While this didn't exactly come true, the predictions sure makes for an entertaining movie, that's even cheesier than you suspect.

Add to that a young Sylvester Stalone, so unknown he's not even on the poster, and you've got yourself a classic.

I know there were recently a couple remakes made, but I haven't even bothered with them. Should I?


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  1. Death Race (2008) ( is certainly worth watching. Although it is a Hollywood action cliché, is has a few good moments. Jason Statham makes a perfect main character, dubious hero as usual. My favourite scene is where he takes on a full SWAT team with only fists and elbows. Afterwards he goes home to his wife. The movie might be worth watching only for that short scene alone.

    The follow up, Death Race 2 (2010) on the other hand, is not as interesting. The plot is rather thin, Luke Goss does not match Statham as a villain/hero, and overall the movie does not add much to anything.

    The basic premises which the whole plot of all the films is built on is interesting though: All US prisons have become private enterprises, run for profit. That is almost the case today, where several are already traded on Wall Street. Putting Americans in jail is big business, which adds to GDP of the US and wealth of a few. Add to that a lust for vengeance in the death sentence many states still uphold, and Death Race does not seem so far-fetch any more.