Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fear of a Black Hat (1993)

"What is the difference between a bitch and a ho? A ho fucks everyone, but a bitch fucks everyone except you."

Want more? Well, you're just gonna have to watch this hilarious spoof about the rise and fall of a crew of hip hopping yo-yo-wadzap-dudes.

You will witness: Big booty bitches that match over sized egos, giant watches and too wide pants, misogynistic lyrics to crappy 90s beats, racism, cursing, violence, bad acting and hats.

Lots of hats.
Hailed by some as the Spinal Tap of hip hop, Fear of a Black Hat is one of the funniest mocumentaries on rap music there is. (Though Ali-G is pretty great, to my knowledge there is only one more movie in the narrow genre. And that one plain out sucks!)



  1. I'm gonna be quoting this one for a long time haha

  2. "Now this is here....this is something back in the... ya know my more troubled days, when I was bangin' like you wouldn't believe. See this, this was my angry shoe I call it." "Why?" "Well you know because it was like two or three sizes too small, you put that mother fucker on right away you angry. You know especially if you have to walk a block or two, make your face go -scrunches face in a pained and angry manner- Ya know I was angry at Rick for months after that shit."

  3. :) great stuff. Thanks for posting that!