Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

If I asked you to describe everything, as in absolutely everything in human life, what would your answer be?

This movie might be director and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman's answer to that question, as his protagonist is a director and screenwriter who tries to recreate everything in his whole life, inside a giant warehouse. However, the ambitions  performance artist soon finds that inside his perfect depiction of everything, is another replica of himself, also trying to fit his own everything inside a somewhat smaller warehouse. And so it goes, like a Russian babushka doll, the universe keeps imploding into a vortex of interpretations.

And if this all sounds like the blabbering nonsense of a madman, then know that I haven't even begun to describe a fraction of all the wonderful weirdness inside this film.



  1. The main features of the film are attracted by their proximity to the modern world. The spectator can recognize himself in the life of the main character.

  2. This is a film with a very deep meaning that becomes apparent only when you fully immerse yourself in this story of the main character.