Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Howling (1981)

Here's another werewolf gem from the 80s, that has it all: There's violence, there's sex, fantastic special effects and a lot of awesome mustaches.

Directed by Joe Dante, the film has a wonderful sleaziness to it, while at the same time making harsh judgment on exactly the kind images put forth on the screen. Dante would later go on to double up on the meta-aspect in Matinee and Gremlins 2, but in this film he played it with a straighter face.

The Howling spawned no less than 7 sequels (and counting), but I have yet to watch any of them. If anyone reading this have seen them, please let me know if I'm missing out, or if I shouldn't waste my time?



  1. Part 2 is worth checking out. It has little to do with werewolves as it started out as a vampire flick (hence the presence of Christopher Lee), but it's an outrageously ridiculous b movie. Aside from that, don't bother. Thank you for your website. I always turn to it when I'm at a loss as to what to watch.

  2. Ok, I guess I might give the 2nd one a go then.

    And thank you for the nice words. It's comments like yours that makes me keep going =)