Saturday, July 28, 2018

Dances Sacred and Profane (1985)

...and we're back to the lesser known gems again.

Fakir Musafar is a real life legend of pain. He's an oddly gentle man who's studied the science of agony and reintroduced suffering as a work of art. For hours he’ll stand bent in impossible positions, use corsets to strangle his waist to the size of a fist, and hang himself by hooks through his skin.

The interesting thing though, is that he's apparently learned a thing or two about consciousness through his experiments with pain. It's made him into sort of prophet, who has founded a movement called the Modern Primitive and revolutionized the world of body modification.

Incidentally, he also plays a part in my upcoming novel, and this film was a big part of my research. So if you're like me--fascinated by the wonderfully macabre--this is a must-see.

The whole thing can currently be watched on Youtube here. So hurry on and check it out before it's taken down.


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