Friday, August 17, 2018

My Cousin Vinny (1992)

Sometimes you just want to watch something nice. And I think enough time has passed now, to warrant blowing the dust of this 90s gem. At least when I recently did, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how it was actually even better than I remembered.

In short: It's a quirky comedy about two boys who are arrested for murder and the unconventional lawyer who tries to prove their innocence.

But all that is purely circumstantial, as it's really a character driven piece about people who bicker for a living, and the setting hardly matters. I would have loved to see these same guys in a holiday flick, or trying to rebuild a house, or even in space. Anything to see them quarrel som more.

Sadly, there never was a sequel. But maybe that is just as well, knowing how Hollywood loves to make lazy cash grabs. If anything, it's a perfect example of how less is more.


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