Monday, September 10, 2018

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005 - )

It's been going on for some 13 years now, and still, this is the funniest thing on TV. With surprisingly few dud episodes, I find it quite amazing how they manage to keep it fresh and hilarious after all this time.

With a stellar cast, fantastic writing and perfect comedic timing, it might not be that hard to see why it's become such a favorite.

However, a big part of the success may also be attributed to the simple fact that it jumps head first into any subject that might be considered "offensive".

In today’s thin-skinned culture, where everyone seems to compete in finding the next thing to deem “inappropriate”, it’s almost cathartic to watch a show that makes fun of anything from transvestites to army veterans, race, religion, suicide, abortion, molestation, the handicapped and the homeless.

Quite frankly: It's always sunny when nothing is out of bounds. And since the show was just renewed for a 15th season, there's hopefully many more belly-laughs to come from Philadelphia.


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