Friday, September 7, 2018

The Evil Dead Trilogy (1981 - 1992)

When I first started this blog some 11 years ago, I didn't want to mention this franchise since I figured it would be too obvious. However, since then I've written up quite a few other films that are much more recognized, so now it's almost become weird that Evil Dead is missing from the site.

So here they are: the most celebrated horror movies of all time, with a fandom that truly defines the meaning of "cult". If you're one of the four people left on the planet that still haven't seen these, then you're probably Amish.

Although the title makes it obvious that these are horror movies, the genres actually changes with each new entry. While the first one is pretty much straight up horror, the second one takes a turn into comedy, and the third one is an asskicking action adventure. There was also a remake that upped the gore factor and a campy TV-series, both with variable success, but this is the original trilogy that everybody adores.

And while each film has its own qualities, the main reason to watch any of them can be summed up with two words: Bruce Campbell. His portrayal of the goofy but well-meaning main character has become more iconic than Chaplin’s Tramp, Willis’ John McClane and Schwarzenegger's Terminator. The guy is just one big lump of pure awesomeness!

So even if you’ve already seen these films 10 times, why not start from the beginning once again, and revisit the evil dead that lurk within the woods.


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