Saturday, March 30, 2019

Apostle (2018)

YES, YES, YES! This is what it’s all about, people. You’ve burrowed through countless shitty films to the point of almost giving up on modern cinema, only to be taken by storm by something that is more wonderful than you could ever imagine. This is it!

Gareth Evans is quickly becoming my new favorite director. After his mindblowing Raid series, the auteur follows up with what can only be described as a spiritual successor to The Wicker Man, with all the glory that entails.

The screenplay is excellent. The acting is outstanding. The effects are fantastic. The soundtrack is unrelentingly sinister. And as great as all that is, what truly takes this film above and beyond is the cinematography. Each scene is like a painting with beautiful colors, lighting and scenery. And to top it all of, the way the camera moves is just as perfect and precise as you can expect from the meticulously choreographed fight scenes of the Raid films.

Here's a few screens to whet your appetite

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