Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Another Round (2020)

Another Round is currently doing a clear sweep of awards from pretty much every film festival in the world. And with good reason, because this is by far the funniest, coolest, happiest, and most life affirming all out awesome movie in all of 2020. In other words: Exactly what you need to watch in these dark times.

Similarly to what countless stoner films have done for various drugs in the past, Another Round is basically an homage to alcohol and the joy getting drunk. So better keep a lot of beer, wine, whiskey, ice and cocktail shakers close at hand when watching it, or you will most definitely be overcome with regret.

Because this is a film that wants you to get as happily drunk as you've ever been. And oh boy, does it succeed!



Friday, August 21, 2020

My novel: Worn Skin

This has been a really long time in the coming. But I am finally able to share with you my own novel, Worn Skin.

It's been a lot of back and forth where I was tied up to a publisher and then got out of the deal again. So for now I've decided to just let it be available for free online.

As you might have guessed from the cover it's a story about tattoos and body modification, inspired by movies such as Hellraiser, The Believers, Angel Heart, and the computer game Gabriel Knight. It also draws heavily from the works of both Clive Barker and David Cronenberg, so hopefully fans of any of those things will find something to like.

Readers of this blog will probably know by now that I am a firm believer in revealing as little as possible about the plot, but suffice to say that it centers about a hopeless drunkard who has an encyclopedic knowledge of tattoos, which enables him to read a secret language of magical symbols on people's skin. This drags him onto on a dark journey through a mystical underworld of body art, rife with magic, mutilation and pain. The ruination of flesh fuels his foes, but he is no stranger to self-destruction himself.

As a little bonus, I can also share these two alternative covers:










Read the whole thing here. And I'd be delighted if you left a comment if there's anything you love and/or hate =)

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Is The Invisible Man a remake of Candyman?

I was surprised to see this video become a bit controversial. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Cult Movies About Religious Cults

I made another video. This time it's a list of some of the coolest, weirdest, funniest and scariest movies about religious cults. Hope you enjoy =)

Sunday, May 17, 2020

David Cronenberg's Painkillers

It's my great pleasure to announce my very first Youtube video: An attempt at illustrating David Cronenberg's unproduced screenplay titled Painkillers.

Hope you enjoy =)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Golden Glove (2019)

Hello everyone =)

I've been meaning to write about this film for a while now, but have kept putting it off. However, seeing as more and more reviews are claiming The Golden Glove is a "disgusting" and "terrible film" which "really makes you feel truly awful", I could not hold back any longer. Because it seems like almost every critic missed out the simple fact that it's a fucking comedy! 

Now, before you go off on a long tangent about how this is all based on true events and that you cannot believe how I can claim the story about a real life serial killer who mercilessly bludgouned several women would somehow be funny... hear me out:

Because even though everything is supposedly very accurate according to the real events and the filmmakers went to great lengths to copy the look and feel of the actual locations and characters where these things took place, the result is a hard-to-believe dive into the deepest pitch of despair where a comicbook level of filth is warped so ludicrously high that it immediately turns into a parody of itself, to the point where you cannot help but laugh at the complete and total lack of decency.

From the over the top characters, the disgusting locations, the most terrible "pick-up lines" in the world (if you can even call them that), the absolute abolishment of any morals, and a toilet which makes the Trainspotting-toilet look like the Taj Mahal... The whole thing is hilarious from beginning till end!

I could easily point out a dozen scenes to illustrate just how funny this thing is, but as I don't want to spoil a single second of it, I'll just say that both me and my wife were laughing maniacally throughout. Granted, the humor is beyond pitch black and I think it's only second to Ex Drummer in terms of the slithering comedies from the abyss, but I cannot understand how so many critics are failing to see the obvious gallows humor that makes up for just about the whole film.

I mean, just look at the picture below, and realize this is the film's idea of a romantic dinner: 


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017)

From the guy who made the crunching Bone Tomahawk, comes another brutal drama with emphasis on the brutality.

This movie literally kicks ass to such a degree that you could say it is more of a horror film disguised as a drama, owing more to the infamous prison-splatter Riki-Oh, than the feelgood of Shawshank Redemption.

Vince Vaughn surprises by playing a rather subdued lead for once, lacking his usual over-the-top theatrics. He's also an excellent fighter, with a peculiar simplistic style. It's not so much kung-fu, as simple fist fighting performed with impeccable precision and tremendous force.

Most of all though, there's a brooding atmosphere throughout the film and you can feel that it's only a matter of time before it explodes. And without spoiling anything, I can promise you that the ending does not disappoint ;)


Monday, April 1, 2019

Dave Made a Maze (2017)

If you loved Cube (and who doesn’t) then you probably wanted to see more of the same. So you doubtlessly tracked down the sequels, only to be disappointed by their lame attempt at coming up with convoluted explanations to it all and end up in an uninteresting mess.

I’m here to tell you that Dave Made a Maze is what you were actually looking for. The uber-quirky film takes the same concept of a small group of people stuck in a fantastical maze, and runs laps with the silliness.

How silly you ask? Well, for starters, the maze is made from cardboard and it’s much bigger on the inside than the outside. There’s also a weird minotaur creature in there, a long puppet sequence, as well as a huge cardboard vagina that makes people’s skin melt. Yep, you read that right.

What more could you possibly want from a movie?