Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cold Souls (2009)

This film has gotten a bunch of criticism on account of it drawing so much inspiration from the films of Charlie Kaufman. And indeed, it does feel like you're watching a Kaufman scripted film.

But what's wrong with that?

Paul Giamatti plays himself brilliantly in a role that makes you question if he's actually acting, or just hanging out at the set. Think a Woody Allen that's let himself go.

The overall mood is snugly existential and depressive, and the humor is murkily dark and dry. It might not be the greatest film anyone will ever see, but it's still full of fluffy moments that you can reminiscent about around the coffee machine at work, without it being so sweet it's something you watch only to please your spouse.

Overall a brilliant debut from director Sophie Barthes. Definitely a newcomer to watch out for.


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