Friday, April 9, 2010

The Crow (1994)

11 years before they made a movie out of the Sin City comic books, they made a movie out of The Crow comics books. And what a movie it is.

The Crow really sparkles. The cinematography is nothing but amazing, and the imagery alone is enough to put a twinkle in your eye. Even though it can't rain all the time, it does so for most of the film, all onto trash littered streets where hoodlums and lowlifes reign. The colors are mostly black and red, and there are more shadows and dark silhouettes, than light. Also like so many Robert Rodriguez films, the music of The Crow is almost too cool, and serves as the final line of coke on the screen.

Just like in Sin City, the bad-guys in The Crow are also really cool. They literary eat bullets for fun, while spurting out awesome lines like "Greed is for amateurs. Disorder, chaos, anarchy: now that's fun!" Michael Wincott is nothing short of amazing as the head pimp, appropriately dubbed Top Dollar.

Overall the dialogue is very good, and even the good-guy has a sick sense of humor. It's all quite stereotypic, but contrary to most other action films, The Crow gets it just right, and pieces of dialogue which would otherwise seem ludicrous, just serves to make the film all the more enjoyable.

It was very sad that the star, Brandon Lee, was accidentally killed during the filming, but at least he gave a tremendous performance, which he will always be remembered for.

Whatever you do though, stay as far away from the sequels as possible.

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