Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ghostwatch (1992)

With Paranormal Activity making even the biggest of big-shots in Hollywood realize it's possible to make money of a movie with basically no budget, the rather mundane journey into boredom is being heralded as an original and ingenious new film. 

Of course it's not.

The same mockumentary premise for horror films have been used many a times before, most notably in equally crappy The Blair Witch Project, and the ever infamous Cannibal Holocaust.

Ghostwatch on the other hand, has somehow seemed to slip into a black memory hole, with shamefully few aware of its existence. This is a rather sad fact, really, because it's one hell of a film!

Just like the aforementioned Paranormal Activity, Ghostwatch is about ghosts and a bunch of people who watch them, as the title quite bluntly states. Unlike the over-hyped Activity however, Ghostwatch is greatly entertaining and a thrill to watch.

The film caused great uproar in Britain, when it was first aired on TV one Halloween night some 18 years ago, and not without reason. One unfortunate young boy even committed suicide after seeing it. Watching it today, you will probably laugh at how silly people had to be back then for a whole nation to fully believe that what they were seeing was the real deal. But remember then that even greater mass hysteria made America bubble in 1938, when a mere Halloween radio special managed to convey everyone who could listen, that the world was being taken over by Martians.


  1. Thanks man, loved the movie. And I was actually scared toward the end.

    I love how one thing like that can drive peopl crazy, just like War of the Worlds did.

    I've been downloading some of your movies here...thanks for the suggestions. Though I can't find a good subtitle for In China They Eat Dogs.

  2. Hi Gustavo

    Thanks for your support, I'm glad you're enjoying the site =)

    English subtitles for In China They Eat Dogs are included in the torrent I linked to. If you play it in VLC player (highly recommended) the subs start automatically with the movie.
    If you are using another player (like WMP or BSPlayer) you should install vobsub

    Or are you searching for subs in another language?