Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fritz the Cat (1972)

Go to bed Disney. You SUCK!

With cartoons you can do anything! Imagine the possibilities. There's no limitations what so ever. Yet those boring douche-bags at Disney keeps making the same old sap over and over: The bad are always ugly, the good always beautiful, there's never any blood or sex, always a trio of singing sidekicks, nobody even says a bad word and there's always a disgustingly happy ending. Blurgh!

Fritz the Cat is the real deal. It's a cartoon about the coolest dope-smoking, cop-hating, nazi-killing, sex-crazed cat in the world.

It sounds ridiculous, but this film actually got an X-rating when it came out. Only hardcore porn got that. Laughable, but true.

Visionary director Raplh Bakshi eventually retired after getting nothing but resistance for his work, all through his career. But with Fritz the Cat obtaining extreme cult status through fan bases online, he has promised to come back to film making. We are eagerly awaiting to see what kind of wonderful weirdness he will come up with next.

In the meantime, I also recommend you to check out the somewhat similar Heavy Traffic, also by Raplh Bakshi.

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