Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Threads (1984) & The Day After (1983)

Like Armageddon & Deep Impact, Antz & A Bugs Life, Repo & Repo Men, these two are also sibling films that for some reason came out at just about the same time.

They both try to give a realistic portrayal of what it would be like in the event of a nuclear war, but to be perfectly honest, it's been a fair while since I saw them, and I can't really remember which is which. One is British and one American, but other than that I just remember enjoying both of them in a disturbing kind of way.

You got your bombs and smoke-clouds and fallout. And there's panic and disease and people generally having a lousy time of it...

You know: Entertainment.

The fact that they came out in the 80s however, meant that the cold war was still going on, and the apocalyptic threat was not taken as lightly. Still, there's nothing like a good scare to make you appreciate life, and as such these films still manages to rattle the cage.

Threads IMDB
The Day After IMDB


  1. Threads is British and scarred the crap out of me. It was light on special effects but heavy on realism, and the sense of political events spiraling out of control. Highly recommended

  2. yeah, it was kinda scary, wasn't it. Didn't know what to label it as, but I guess it might be deserving of the 'horror' tag?