Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Running Man (1987)

Is The Running Man a good movie? Well... eh....

Is it awesome? FUCK YEAH!

"Good" and "enjoyable" doesn't always have to mean the same thing. In fact, they can be just about opposite, as proved in this Stephen King classic.

While the premise is not a bad one (convicted felons being forced to run for their lives while cartoonish hitmen hunt them down on live television) the movie has not aged well. It was made in the 80s, but the costumes and sets and music and camerawork all have a coarse quality that feel like the 70s. It's actually somewhat reminiscent of Logan's Run in style, and difficult to believe it actually came three years after the first Terminator film.

But common... this is Arnold at the top of his game! He's big, and he runs, and he struggles to utter simple catchphrases... What's not to love? Back in those days, it wasn't a question of liking Schwarzenegger or not. It was a question of getting your ass kicked.

Those were the days...


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