Sunday, August 22, 2010

Uzumaki (2000)

Horror films are always about some kind of monster. Whether the monster be an alien, mutants, the new step father, the rabid dog, or a natural disaster, the premise is always the same: Something is out to get a bunch of people, that we are supposed to care about.

Not so in Uzumaki.

Here there threat is no monster, but an idea. An idea that is taking hold of the movie, and the people in it. Soon the people are turning into the idea, and the idea is turning into, well, everything.

And what is the idea? A simple spiral.

A spiral that goes around and round, in and in, out and out, back and forth, until you can't tell what is the beginning or end anymore. All you know is that you like it.

And you want to be a spiral too.


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