Monday, October 4, 2010

Kite (1998)

I've never quite understood the point of Hentai. Are you supposed to get horny from watching animation? It does nothing for me.

Kite, on the other hand, does.

Maybe its because even though it is filled with hardcore sex, and close up penetration shots, it's really not a hentai film. Think of it more as an art-house-film with real live sex scenes.

The story is pretty decent and the idea of a young girl trained to be a ruthless assassin really strikes a cord. The animation speaks of a generous budget, and the whole thing doesn't feel like the cheap-o exploitation-animation of your average hentai film.

In short: the film's got class!

Still, if you're the type who gets offended by seeing a bare nipple, you might as well skip Kite.

NOTE: Make sure to get the ultimate uncut, director's cut edition.

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