Friday, November 11, 2011

Eating Raoul (1982)

Not very many people seem to know about this one, which is really sad because it’s quite an entertaining little movie. The theme is moral decay, and even though the ending is basically spoiled in the title, the journey there is well worth your time.

If you're still not intrigued, then I should tell you there's sex. Sure, there's loads of it. Whip-cracking, sadomachocistic, latex attired, strap-on dildoed, gag-ball mumbling, leather bound Christian cannibals, who go at it any which way.

All in a plot to save the world, of course.



  1. Watched this with my girlfriend this weekend and we loved it. Got any other really good Dark Comedies you can put up here?

  2. Glad you liked it.

    Have you seen Murder by Death? If not, you should jump on that. And I'll post some more dark comedy goodies here tomorrow. =)

  3. I'm about to watch it. Just finished Forgotten Silver. Might comment on that post with my thoughts of it but I'd be biased cause I idolize Peter Jackson. I'll comment on Murder By Death after I finish it.