Monday, November 14, 2011

Forgotten Silver (1995)

It's extremely difficult to write anything about this gem, without spoiling it so bad, that you might as well not watch it. That's why I'll be even more sparse than usual, in saying what the hell it's about. Now, you could just go anywhere else and find out what it's about in a jiffy, but that'll just ruin the experience.

Enough to say that it's Peter Jackson's least famous feature. It's a documentary about a another filmmaker. And therefore, it's probably mostly interesting to hardcore film freaks.

There's nothing stopping you checking IMDB or Wikipedia or anything else, but you'll be angry you did.

Me not telling you anything more, is for your own good.

NOTE: Co-director Costa Botes contacted me and asked that I remove the links for his movie. My intention with this site was always honoring the people who's work I admire, and though I originally complied and removed the links, after further debate it turned out he was a disgusting human being who supports even the most extreme measures, like shutting down the whole bitcoin currency, on the off chance it might mean more income for him. Therefore I cannot urge you strongly enough to go pirate all his films, copy them and give them out to all your friends, put them up on youtube, on google video and on facebook, make them as well spread as you possibly can, and make sure he never makes another dollar.


  1. What a brilliant story, they really had me going :D

  2. Hehe, apparently people became outraged when the truth came out.

  3. Of course I do not want to stop people seeing my film. But they can access it legally, in ways that benefit the film's investors, makers, and other stakeholders. No matter how well meaning the intention, you cannot take someone else's work without permission and share it like this. That destroys the work's value, and when you do that you destroy my capacity to make a living. Don't be surprised if I do not like that.

  4. coastabotes by antagonizing your film fans all the investors, makers and stakeholders will make less profits.
    I realize that there has to be some profit in your work but now the world is more aware of you as a person - a complete c**t. I for one will never been watching anything you have anything to do with ever again.