Friday, December 24, 2010

Blueberry (2004)

Have you heard of Ayahuasca?

If you haven't, then you'll probably think this film is a jumbled mess and might as well skip it. I've tried showing it to people several times before, and only the ones with some understanding of the substance, enjoy the film.

It is a western, yes, but not in the traditional form. Even though many of the classical western elements are there (the revolvers, the little town with one saloon, the rich ranch owner, his pretty daughter, the evil badguy, the sheriff, the prostitutes, the lone ranger who saves the day, etc) it's actually more of an existential study, set on a western backdrop.

Having more in common with Altered States than The Good the Bad and the Ugly, the film breaks new ground with its attempt of depicting what happens inside our souls.

Director Jan Kounen of Dobermann fame, pulls Vincent Cassel back out of his sleeve and pitches him against the great Michael Madsen.

The result is mind revealing.



  1. As a regular DMT user I wanna thank you for this! :)

  2. cool dude. Only got to try it once myself, but it was definitively a life changing experience.

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  4. thanks for letting me know. replaced the link to a working one.

  5. So much the biggest thank yous that one can give!

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  7. I just checked, and they're both working now. =)