Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Five Obstructions (2003)

The Five Obstructions is a two-man circle-jerk.

Lars von Trier challenges his teacher and greatest idol Jørgen Leth, to remake what Lars considers to be the greatest movie of all time, The Perfect Human (also by Jørgen Leth.)

As with everything from von Trier (even down to the "von" added to his name) The Five Obstructions is a very pretentious ordeal.

Two pioneering film makers sit around discussing how awesome they are, and challenge each other to run laps around the block, making the same short film 5 times.

With each lap, a new obstruction is put forth, forcing creativity to emerge.

The Five Obstructions is not so much a feature film, as a series of experiments with the film format, and the outcome is something only true film connoisseurs will enjoy.


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