Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Boy and his Dog (1975)

So the apocalypse has happened, leaving the world a dusty inferno. Those few who survive must fight for the most primal necessities, like food, water and... well, sex.

Common, just because the world has ended doesn't mean we lose our love for tits and ass.

That's right. Armageddon is no match for everyday horniness.

Who better then, to protagonize the tale, than a man who's horny as a dog, and... his dog. To make it even more interesting, the two are able to communicate. Telepathically. Yep.

And then there's this whole thing where they're pulled into a big underground society and... oh, you're just gonna have to see it.

It's funny, clever, entertaining, and ages well. Kind of like the perfect mate.



  1. this movie has on of the best endings ever.

  2. This sounds good. I have not seen it, but looks as if I need to! Great review!

  3. Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy it! =)

  4. Love Harlan Ellison's work and this film is a pretty decent adaptation if memory serves. I believe he even approved of the final result. Looking back, it's amazing to see how young Don Johnson is in this film. Just starting out!

  5. Absolutely stunning!