Friday, October 14, 2011

Highway to Hell (1991)

If ever you're driving along a desert road at night, on your way to get married in Las Vegas, and you get stopped by a pretentious policeman who doesn't say a word, well, then you're on your way to hell.

That is exactly what happens in this demonic adventure, that takes you to the other side, into the coolest depiction of hell ever to be put on celluloid.

There you will see Hitler and a three-headed dog, a horny corpse, a loose leg gone hopping off by itself, conveyor belts of sinners and a slick Devil looking for new ways to be entertained. There's even a "Hell Cop" who terrorizes innocent drivers, just like they do in reality.

It doesn't even try to be scary, but instead plays out like an Indiana Jones film, with a lower budget, meaning less political correctness. And oh yeah... This is a film that goes very well together with beer and friends with a sense of humor. =)


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