Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Man Bites Dog (1992)

This is the original.

You've seen the ripoffs. Films like Street Thief, The Magician, or even the sweet Kenny, and countless others. Mockumentaries that follow a professional of some sorts, going about his daily routines. Sometimes it's a serial killer, sometimes a movie monster, a hitman, a thief or a simple toilet cleaner.

But they all falter when compared to the Man who bit the Dog. This Belgian black and white film is dark and rough and controversial, and pretty darn funny.

It's about a guy who goes around killing people, and the camera crew that follow him. Some people say it's shocking and disturbing, and I call those people "older ladies".

Comedy should always be this dark.



  1. here now, I am an older lady and I love this movie. I have recommended it countless times over the years.

  2. Damn, that's awesome! I wish I knew more old ladies like you =)