Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reindeerspotting (2010)

This is just what it sounds like, except that it's a documentary. And what a documentary it is!

We follow a drug abusing teenager on his journey to oblivion. He steals car stereos, robs grocery stores, hustles welfare, lies, cries and laughs at the judicial system. Generally an up-to-no-good dickhead that you wouldn't want as your friend. But he doesn't pretend to be anything else, and has a weirdly emphatic self irony about his destructive ways.

The amazing thing though, is that this was not filmed with the intention of making a documentary. The film sprung from another junkie who got a hold of a video camera, and simply started filming the people around him. Years went by before he thought of getting help to put it together into something watchable.

Knowing this, the film seems to be one big strike of luck. Because the story is elaborately filmed with suspense curves and structuring most screenwriters would kill for. Some of the shots (pun intended) will make you cringe, while others laugh or cry. The honest and raw tale is beautifully documented to such an extent, that it seems almost to perfect to be real.

This has made it the most successful documentary ever to come out of Finland. Whether you want to get educated on the joys and dangers of drugs or watch a really good documentary, this is an experience you simply can't miss.


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