Thursday, January 24, 2013

Human Nature (2001)

Human Nature is one of those films you just can't understand why so few people seem to have seen. After all, it features:
- A magnificent script by Charlie Kaufman at the top of his game
- Direction by legendary Michel Gondry
- Tim Robins in what might be his last great role
- And nudity

While I never really made much notice of the nudity in this film before, the IMDB forums make it seem that most of those who did see it, noticed nothing else. Never mind the existential philosophies and evolutionary theories of our species, put forth by the rather ingenious script. Who can focus on all that when there's a nipple on the screen? Porn-hounds salute it, soccer mums are disgusted, teenagers are mystified and religious nuts are offended. Together they debate for hours about whether it is right to have so much nudity in a film, never realizing the sweet irony of the film's title, and that they are debating nakedness in human nature.

In an even sweeter double irony, this is also exactly what the film is about.

See for yourself; and join the discussion.


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  1. I saw this movie as a sneak preview in the cinema and never heard of it before and never after. A shame that the movie is not wel exposed, because it brought back some great memories!

    Go see it!