Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Boxing Helena (1993)

No woman is perfect. Each has their qualities and parts. If only you could chop off the imperfections.

While it might be partly wrong to chop women's bodies into parts, this film argues it can also be a way to show affection.

Being the directorial debut of David Lynch's daughter, she tried to outdo her father's weird obsession with severed body parts, and amped the amputating with aptitude.

I'm sure you could find meaning behind it all if you wanted to, and it would probably be amusing to hear what a feminist had to say about it, because unlike most other movies about chopping women into pieces, this film is not trying to be scary. Instead, it argues mutilation is erotic. (Which might actually be even more scary when you think about it.)

The film was slaughtered by critics when it came out, and some might say it's in the so-bad-it's-good category, but it's still heaps of fun to see Julain Sands of Warlock fame, try to fit the incredibly sexy Sherilyn Fenn (from Twin Peaks) inside a tiny box.

Go and see it now. Chop chop.


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