Thursday, January 10, 2013

Edmond (2005)

Do you remember the film Falling Down? The story of a man that lash back at the everyday things he's fed up with in a broken society, was quite the hype when it came out, and caused much debate. While the premise surfed on the counterculture of the 90s, the actual film was a huge letdown, much thanks to a terrible ending that went against the whole concept of the movie.

12 years later Edmond came out, and delivered with a bang what Falling Down had promised.

William H. Macy (of Fargo fame) gives the performance of his career, as another man that is tired of all the bullshit. Instead of merely beating up no-good gangbangers and snobby golfers like in Falling Down, he ventures down a less romantic path and makes you question your sympathy for a misogynistic racist that is anything but a hero.

The dialogue, written by legendary David Mamet of Glengarry Glen Ross fame, flows like musical pieces of miscommunication and feels both clumsily real and poetically beautiful at the same time.

The perfect direction is by Stuart Gordon of Re-Animator and From Beyond fame, and was the film that finally raised his status up to the height of legendary peers like John Carpenter and Larry Cohen.

And the ending.... oh, you just got to see it!



  1. I'm so glad you are back, and with quite a bang. Is it odd to say I've missed you? Your blog always brightens my cinematic world. Thanks for the film.

    My recommendation to you would be The Birthday (2004). Sadly the only version publicly available is the 95 minute cut but what a great 95 minutes. Also it's directed by the man who went onto Agnosia so you know it's good.

  2. Hey DjDiz. Good to see you're still around, and thank you for the nice words.

    I'll definitely check out The Birthday one of these days.

  3. I watched The Birthday last night. Reminded me about Four Rooms, for obvious reasons. Thanks for the heads up. =)

  4. Awesome. Glad you liked it. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the extremely weird film Detention.

  5. I've seen Detention, and while I appreciate what they were trying to do, I think they tried a little too hard. It all became too much and messy, and gave me a headache trying to follow what was going on.

  6. The link doesn't appear to work.

  7. Then there's something wrong with your connection. It works perfectly here.