Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Bothersome Man (2006)

For years I've been saying Hawaii, Oslo is the greatest movie to ever come from Norway, but that was only because I took a stupendously long time to see The Bothersome Man.

The protagonist is a man living a normal life, doing a normal job, married to a normal wife, living in a normal house and having a normal affair with a normal secretary. The problem is that he's not content with normality.

This is social satire at its very best, rivaling that of Brazil and Bone. The writing is so good it feels like it was adapted from a classic Kafka novel, the casting is so great you laugh just by seeing actors' faces, and the cinematography of the dreamlike reality is nothing short of mesmerizing.

While the original poster with artwork from the great Pushwagner is quite brilliant, the German poster and different title is also pretty cool.



  1. I watched this once but I just didn't get it. I should try again.

  2. Hello Bunched =) Long time...

    I viewed this as pure satire, and actually laughed out loud several times from the absurdity that described life perfectly. Maybe your own life is too exciting to recognize the dystrophy of existing in meaningless repetition of a set formula? ;)