Friday, January 22, 2016

Ong Bak (2003)

While I do enjoy a good kung-fu movie, they can sometimes get a bit repetitive. Especially after the Matrix kung-fu renascence, which became such a huge hit that every film suddenly had to feature the same too-fast-to-see moves, which looked more like kids playing hand clapping games.

But then, out of nowhere came Ong Bak, and shook everything up. Instead of mere speed and acrobatics, the choreography focused on force and brutality. Lead actor Tony Jaa jumped right across a room and delivered double elbows to the head of his brutish opponent. He broke ribs with granite knees and smoldered walls in the process. Every blow looked lethal as the sad recipient fell down several floors, and hit his head along the way.

The film was such a fresh breath of air in a genre gone somewhat stale, it influenced everything that came after.

Forget about the sequels though. Seriously, don't even go there.


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